Kevätkauden 10.1. 2013 alkaen harjoittelemme Lohjan lukion peilisalissa to ja su.
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torstaisin klo 18.30-20.30
jatkotunti, opetus tai levyt

sunnuntaisin klo 15-18

klo 15-16 perustunti ohjaus, ohjaajat tai levyt.
Klo 16-18 jatkotunti, keikka tai levyt

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to 10.1

Levyt/ Sirpa

Mr. Mysterious, Rhyme Or Reason, Amame, Bang Bang, If Heaven, Call Me Maybe, Rockaway, Johnny Got A Boom Boom,
Rollin In The Deep, Dizzy, Wakira, Hot Hot Hot, Hi-A-Ma Cha, Intrique, 50 Ways

la 14.1

Heels up

new W.O.M.A.N, new Sing Sing Sing, new Makin' Trouble

su 13.1

15-16 Iiris Perus
16-18 Iiris Jatko

Perus: new D Light, new Tap&Go, new Drive Me Crazy
Jatko: new Shine On You, Back In Time ( Rachael&Guyton), Destination: Dancefloor, new 123 Waltz

to 17.1

Anne Jatko

Levyt: Boys Will Be Boys, Fiesta, Rolling In The Deep, Rock A Way, Black Heart, Dance Again
Jatkokertaus: Back In Time, Hypnoticed, Gambling Man, Black Heart

su 20.1

15-16 Eira Perus
16-18 keikka

Perus:D Light, Drive Me Crazy, new W.O.M.A.N, Tap&Go
Jatko:Shine On You, Back In Time, new Makin' Trouble, newSing Sing Sing

to 24.1

Levyt/ Leena

Salga El Sol, Jesse James, Dance With Me Tonight, Suspicious Mind, Join The Queue, I Only Dream at Night, Telepathy, Back In Time, Bang Bang

su 27.1

15-17 -A- tekniikka


to 31.1

Anne Jatko

Bang Bang, Tacata, Salga El Sol,, Black Hear, Makin' Trouble, Sing Sing Sing, Back In Time

su 3.2

15-16- Eira Perus
16-18 Tekniikan kertaus

Come Dance With Me, W.O.M.A.N , D Light
new Outta Control, Makin' Trouble, Tacata

to 7.2

Anne Jatko

Intrique, Jonny Got The Boom Boom, Gambling Man, Boys Will Be Boys, Back In Time, Makin' Trouble, 7Up, Head Over Heels

su 10.2

15-17 -A- tekniikka

new To Eternity

to 14.2

Annukka Jatko

It's Amazing, Gamling Man, Heinänenä, new  Sideway Shuffle, Gigolo, Moonlight Kiss

su 17.2

15-16 Ohjaajien omatunti
16-18 Tekniikan kertaus

To Eternity, Outta Control, Sideway Shuffle

to 21.2

Anne Jatko

Dancing Violins, Uno, dos, tres , Makin`Trouble, To Eternity, Sideway Shuffle, Black Heart, Back In Time, Wonderland Walts

su 24.2

15-16 Iiris Perus
16-18 Iiris Jatko

new Love Is A Word, Coastin
new Bad Boy, new His Only Need, new Coco Loco, Ghost Train, Shine On You, Back In Time, Boys Will Be Boys (Rachael), 50 Ways, Sing Sing Sing

to 28.2

Annukka Jatko/levyt

new Soul Fire, Sunday Morning, Mojo Rhythm, Time to Swing, Let Your Love Flow, Sideway Shuffle

su 3.3

15-16 Eira Perus
16-18 Lakanat/keikka

123 Waltz, Come Dance With MeLove Is A Word,
Splish Splash

to 7.3

Annukka Jatko

new Still got the Blues, Soul Fire, Stomp & Kick

su 10.3

-15-17 -A- tekniikka

new Sentimental

to 14.3

Annukka & Anne Jatko/levyt

Still got the Blue, Soul Fire, Bright Lights, 7Up, Simplemente, Rockaway, Beyond Your Eyes, Say Hey

su 17.3

15-16 Eira Perus
16-18 Tekniikan kertaus

Wda:n Kevätkokous

to 21.3

Anne Jatko

50 Ways, Back In Time, Islands In Stream, Sideway Shuffle, Intrique, His Only Need, Makin`Trouble, Scooby Doo

su 24.3

15-16 Perus
16-18 Jatko, levyt

Avemaria, Coastin
new No Trespassing, Dizzy,  Rockaway, Boys Will be Boys, Scooby Doo, Sentimental

to 28.3

Levyt/ Sirpa

Dance Again, Prison Break, Intrique, I’ts Up to You, Makin`Trouble, His Only Need, I’m nod Good

su 31.3


Love is a Word, W.O.M.A.N, Tacata, Makin`Trouble, Sideway Shuffle, Black Heart, No Trespassing, new Let The Sky Fall

to 4.4

Anne Jatko

Still Got The Blues, Let The Sky Fall, Water And A Flame

su 7.4

15-17 -A- tekniikka

new Voodoo Jive

to 11.4

Levyt/ Sirpa ja Leena

Say Hey, Boys Will Be Boys, Sentimental, Head Over Heels, new Hairspray, Let The Sky Fall, Bad Things

su 14.4

15-16 Leena/ Sirpa Perus
16-18 Tekniikan kertaus

50 Ways, Coasting, Love is a Word, Rockaway, Black Heart, Voodoo Jive, Jukebox, Sentimental

to 18.4

Iiris Jatko

new Seventeen, new Wild Love, new Fill In The Blank, Voodoo Jive

su 21.4.

15-16 Ohjaajien oma tunti
16-18 Iiris

new Come Together 2013,new Come On And Tango, Seventeen, Wild Love

to 25.4

Anne Jatko

Outta Control, Voodoo Jive, Come Together 2013, Wild Love, To Eternity

su 28.4

15-16 Eira Perus
16-18 Eira Jatko

Pick A Bale, Mamma Maria, Irish Stew, La Fiesta, 50 Ways
Yes You Won't, Sentimental, Sing Sing Sing, Outta Control
Skiffle Time, (You're Making Me) Hot, Hot, Hot, new Tango De Pasion

to 2.5

Levyt Leena, Anne

Tango De Pasion, Wild Love, Come Together 2013
Amame, Bang Bang, Boys Will Be Boys, Dance Again, Gambling Man, His Only Need, Intrigue, Islands In The Stream, Johnny Got A Boom Boom, Makin´ Trouble

su 5.5

15-16 Leena Perus
16-18 Annukka Jatko

Say It, Stitch It Up
Sideway Shuffle, Soul Fire, Poker Face, Prison Break,
new Who Cares

to 9.5


W.O.M.A.N, Mr. Mysterious, Rolling in the deep, Bad things, No Trespassing, Playing with fire, Moves like Jagger

su 12.5



to 16.5

Anne Jatko

Back In Time, Boys Will Be Boys, Bye Bye Piccolissima, Gigolo, Lollipop, London Rhythm Swing, Makin`Trouble, Mr. Mysterious, Now Or Never, Telepathy, The Flute, Hideaway Cha

su 19.5

15-17 -A- tekniikka

new Boom Sh-Boom, Sentimental, Outta Control, Tango De Pasion

to 23.5

18-18.30 Levyt/Noona
18-20 Iiris Jatko

Come Together 2013, Back In Time (Rachael&Guyton). Trust Me, new Dance of Love


Yyterin tanssitapahtuma

Joey Warren: new Stuck, new Last Minute, new Leave You Alone
Kate Sala: new Mexi-Fest new Tinted Windows, new Fiesta Del Fuego

su 26.5

15-16 Leena Perus
16-18 Leena Jatko

"Sunnuntain tanssitapahtuma;)": Country 2 StepSay ItCome Dance With Me Johnny Got A Boom BoomSideway ShuffleWild LoveLet The Sky FallDance AgainRolling In The Deep, Intrigue

to 30.5

levyt Sirpa, Noona

Cho-co-latte, Bye Bye Piccolissima, Celtic Kittens, Amame, Pick A Bale, Trust me, Rolling In The Deep, Picnic Polka, Danza Kuduro, Boys Will Be Boys, 50 Ways, Islands In The Stream, Crazy Foot Mambo, Bang Bang, Conga, I Said I Love You, Mamma Maria, No Trespassin Wonderland Waltz





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