Syyskauden 3.9. – 20.12.2015 harjoittelemme torstaisin ja sunnuntaisin Lohjan lukion peilisalissa.

Torstaisin klo 19.00-21.00
Ensin opetusta ja/tai kertausta, lopuksi puolituntia levytansseja.

Sunnuntaisin klo 14.30-18

klo 14.30-16 perustason tansseja,
peruskurssi 13.-20.12, 3.-17.1.2016
Klo 16-18 jatkotunti ja/tai keikkatanssiharkat

to 3.9

19-20.30 Outi

20.30-21 Levyt

Rain Drops, Tell The World, Two Timing Man, Love Is Like, The Bomp
Break Me Up, Wonderland Waltz, Amame

su 6.9 15-18

to 10.9

19-21 Levyt

The Bomb, Rain Drops
Celebrate video

su 13.9

14.30-15.45 Peruskurssi/ Iiris
16-17 Noona
17-18 Outi

Forever Cool, Eeezee Boogie, Two 4 One, Darling Mambo
Ticket To The Blues, Rain Drops, The Bomb, Turn The Beat Around

to 17.9

19-20.30 Marjaana
20.30-21 Levyt

Holler Back, Girl Crush, Wakey, Wakey

su 20.9

14.30-16 Iiris

16-18 Marjaana

One More Night, Lay Low, Hideaway Cha, Forever Cool
Girl Crush, Wakey, Wakey, The Bomb

to 24.9

19-19.30 Levyt
19.30-21 Noona

Break Me Up, Obsesion
Celebrate, Uptown Funk, New Yourk 2 LA

su 27.9

14.30-16 Iiris
16-18 Noona

CHT-tanssi by Paul& Roy, Say Whoop, Lay Low
Hold Your Horses, New Yourk 2 LA, Celebrate, Chill Factor

to 1.10

19-20.30 Annukka
20.30-21 Levyt

Fault Line
Girl Crush, Break Me Up, Rain Drops, Hold Your Horses, Celebrate

su 4.10

14.30-16 Iiris

16-18 Annukka

Mack The Knife, Mars Attack, Love Trick, Telepathy, Tush Push, CHT-tanssi
Rain Maker, And Get It On, Put A Ring On A Reet Petite, Fault Line

to 8.10

19-20.30 Taru

20.30-21 Levyt

Head In The Sky, The Way You Look, Hard To Say It, Break Me Up
Trust Me, 7 Nights To Rock

su 11.10

14.30-16 Leena

16-18 Taru

Stitch It Up, Jose Cuervo'97, Bosa Nova, Rose Garden, Dizzy, Come Dance With Me, Country 2 Step, Ghost Train, Islands In The Stream
Pop'n Drop, Head In The Sky, Hard To Say It

to 15.10

19-21 Levyt

Stitch It Up, Jose Cuervo'97, Bosa Nova, Rose Garden, Dizzy, Come Dance With Me, Country 2 Step, Ghost Train, Islands In The Stream, Cowboy Yoddle Song, Cruisin', Coastin', Irish Stew, Trust Me, J'ai du Boogie, D.H.S.S., Lightning Polka, Billy Be Bad, Rita's Waltz

su 18.10

14.30-16 Iiris

16-18 Levyt

Cliché Love Song, Pink Shoelaces, CHT-tanssi
Gambling Man, Prison Break, Toes, Cajun Slap, Whiskey In The Jar, Love, Boys Will Be Boys, California Blue, Cripple Creek

to 22.10

19-20.30 Outi
20.30-21 Levyt

Go Gentle, Don't Drink the Water, Outlander Skye, Dance Of Love, Time to Swing

su 25.10

14.30-16 Peruskurssi 2/ Eira
16-17 Outi
17-18 Leena/ keikkatanssit

Strut, Waterloo
Go Gentle, Don't Drink The Water, Outlander Skye

to 29.10

19-20.30 Noona
20.30-21 Levyt

Dance Apocalyptic

su 1.11

14.30-16 Peruskurssi 2/ Eira
16-17 Noona
17-18 Levyt

Black Velvet
Uptown Funk
Outlander Skye, The Bomb, Go Gentle, Tell The World, Break Me Up, Obsesion, Wakey, Wakey

to 5.11

19-20.30 Marjaana
20.30-21 Levyt

Jo 'n Jo Tango, Cry to Me, Girl Crush, And Get it On, Lay it Right

su 8.11

14.30-16 Iiris
16- 18 Levyt

Never Been To Spain, Witness
Intrique, Love Me Right, Outlander Skye, Trust Me, Clap Happy, D. H. S. S., Dance Of Love, Girl Crush

to 12.11

19-20.30 Taru
20.30-21 Levyt

Head in the sky, Pop'n Drop, Shotgun Mambo, Wonder Train, Let the Sky Fall

su 15.11

14.30-16 Peruskurssi 2/ Eira
16-18 Marjaana

Irish Stew
Cliché Love Song, And Get It On, Never Been To Spain

to 19.11

19-21 Levyt

Outlander Skye, Amame, The Bomp, Break Me Up, Celebrate, Hey Go, Girl Crush, Cliché Love Song, Go Gentle, Islands in the Stream

su 22.11

14.30-16 Peruskurssi 2/ Eira
16-17 Taru
17-18 Leena

La Fiesta
Head In The Sky, Love Me Right
Country Girl, Friends For Ten, Country As A Boy Can Be, Whiskey In The Jar

to 26.11

19-21 Levyt

We Only Live Once, Chicken Walk Jive, Crazy Foot Mambo, Two Timing Man, Not Like That, Outlander Skye, Tell The World, Rain Drops

su 29.11

14.30-16 Peruskurssi 2/ Eira
16-18 Annukka

Rita's Waltz, Pick A Bale
Quickly, Sultry, Bubbles Dahhhling

to 3.12

19-20.30 Outi
20.30-21 Levyt

Feet on Fire, Love is Like , Listen to the Man
Go Gentle, Cry to Me, Girl Crush, Outlander Skye

su 6.12

16-18 Iiris ja Taru

Modern Romance, Papi Chulo, Never Been To Spain, Cliché Love Song, Double D, You've Got What It Takes

to 10.12

19-21 Noona

See You Again

su 13.12

14.30-16 Peruskurssi 2/ Eira
16-17 Levyt/ ohjaajapaltsu

17-18 Outi ja

Such A Fool, Happy
Moves Like Jagger, Girl Crush, Hairspray, Hey Go, Intrique, Sway Me Now
Don't Drink The Water
See You Again

to 17.12

19-21 Noona

See You Again

su 20.12.

14.30-16 Peruskurssi 2/ Eira
16-18 Levyt

Jump In The Line, video
Giddy Up, Friends For Ten, Whiskey In The Jar, Country Girl, Country As A Boy Can Be, See You Again, Hot Stuff, Ballymore Boys, Clap Happy, Outlander Skye

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