Tiistaisin klo 18.30-20.30 Toimintakeskus Harjula
Klo 18.30 - 20.30 opetus/ kertaus/ toivetansseja

Sunnuntaisin klo 14-18 Lohjan lukion peilisali

Peruskurssi 2 29.10-3.12.2017 klo 14-15.30
Klo 15.30 - 17.30 jatko/opetus/ kertaus
Klo 17.30 - 18 keikka /toivetansseja

su 3.9

13-14 Peruskurssi Eira
14-16 Outi

Lonely Drum, The Ghost Of You, Rock Paper Scissors, No Roots

su 10.9

13-14 Peruskurssi Eira
14-16 Noona ja Outi

Amazing Grace I See
Tick Tick Boom, Eyes For You, Lonely Drum, The Ghost Of You

ti 12.9

18.30-20.30 Noona

Tick Tick Boom, My Pretty Galway Girl, Love Me Like You Do

su 17.9

13-14 Peruskurssi Leena
14-16 Marjaana

Honey I'm Home, kertaus Amazing Grace I See
Slowly, Gently, Softly (SGS), Hi-A-Ma Cha, Danza Kuduro, Lonely Drum

ti 19.9

18.30-20.30 Taru

Amame, 7 Nights To Rock, Bosa Nova, Boys Will Be Boys, Celtic Kittens, Cho-Co-Latte, Coastin', Come Dance With Me, Conga, Dance of Love, Fiesta

su 24.9

13-14 Peruskurssi Eira

Irish Stew
Eyes For You, Lonely Drum, I'm No Good, Such A Fool, Rock Paper Scissors

ti 26.9

18.30-20.30 Taru

More Than Friends, No Roots, Whatchugot, Eyes For You, Judge Not, Tango With Me Darling, Outlander Skye

su 1.10

13-14 Peruskurssi Eira
14-16 Marjaana

Pick A Bale
Danza Kuduro, Hi-A-Ma Cha, Lonely Drum, Slowly Gently Softly (SGS)

ti 3.10


Unmistakable, The Bomp, Chicken Walk Jive, Dance Again, Danza Kuduro, Ex's & Oh's, The Flute, Gambling Man, Go Gentle, Guardian Angel, Slowly, Gently, Softly (SGS), Trust Me

su 8.10

14-16 Eira


Mi Gente, Middle Of The Road, Shape of You ( Roy&Fiona), Funky Love
Eyes For You, The Flute, Tell The World, Gerry's Reel, Vegas Baby, Go Gentle. Blackpool By The Sea

ti 10.10

18.30-20.30 Outi

Wandering Hearts, I Am Your Man!, Down Under

su 15.10

14-17.30 Outi

Lonely Drum, I Am Your Man, Wandering Hearts, Down Under, Take Me to the River

ti 17.10

18.30-20.30 Taru

Electric Love, More Than Friends, No Roots, Whatchugot, Sultry, Pick a Bale, Picnic Polka, I Am Your Man

su 22.10

15.30-18 Eira

Funky Love, Shape of You, I Got a Woman, A Completely Change, Mi Gente, Middle of the Road

ti 24.10

18.30-20.30 Outi

Take Me to the River, Perfectly Easy, The Ghost of You

su 29.10

14-15.30 Peruskurssi 2 Eira
15.30-17.30 Marjaana

Black Velvet, Irish Stew, Pick A Bale
Toes, Telepathy, Amame, Have Fun Go Mad, Girl Crush, Feel, Slowly Gently Softly (SGS), Eyes For You

ti 31.10


Toes, Trust Me, Sun Don't Let Me Down, Sunset Sting, Such A Fool, Smooth Solder, Guardian Angel,Ex's and Oh's, Unmistakable, Under the Moon of Love, Wonderland Waltz

su 5.11

14-15.30 Peruskurssi 2 Eira

(Fly Me) To The Moon, Rock-A-Pop
Stomp & Kick, Won't Act My Age, Love 2 Dance, Perfectly Easy, Lonely Drum, Wandering Hearts

ti 7.11

18.30-20.30 Taru

Electric Love, Shotgun Mambo, One Shot, Hey Go

su 12.11

16-18 Outi

Lonely This Weekend, I Am Your Man, Moves Like Jagger, Mack the Knife, Eyes for You, Stomp & Kick, Smooth Solder, Tango With Me Darling

ti 14.11

18.30-20.30 Outi

Two Timing Man, Lonely This Weekend, Crazy For You, Movin' and a Groovin', Gravity, Moo Dee Blues

su 19.11

14-15.30 Peruskurssi 2 Eira
15.30-17.30 Marjaana

Simply Shuffle, Irish Stew, Rock-A-Pop
Sway Me, Such A Fool, Cry To Me, Pieces, The One You're Waiting On

ti 21.11


11:59 (Central Standard Time), 50 Ways to Say Goodbye, You're Two Timing Man, Young Volcanoes, Wonder Train, Won't Act My Age, The Bomb, Whatchugot, Hey Go, Turn the Beat Around

su 26.11

14-15.30 Peruskurssi 2 Eira
15.30-17.30 Marjaana

Havanna Cha
The One You're Waiting On, Pieces, Country 2 Step, Ain't Misbehavin, Unmistakable, Young Volcanoes, Sway Me, Havana Cha by Eira

ti 28.11

18.30-20.30 Taru

All Falls Down, Let The Sky Fall, Electric Love, Hey Go

su 3.12

15.00-17.30 Outi

Teenage Dreams, Cards On The Table, Lonely This Weekend, Wade In The Water, Paradise City, Ready For The Good Life

ti 5.12



su 10.12

14-15.30 Peruskurssi 2 Eira

15.30-17.30 Iiris

Middle Of The Road, Amazing Grace I See, Irish Stew, (Fly Me) To The Moon, Simply Shuffle, Rock-A-Pop, Havana Cha
Safe In These Arms, She Sets The City On Fire, Trompeta

ti 12.12


Amame, The Bomp, Intrigue, Gypsy Queen, Outlander Skye, Girl Crush, So Just Dance Dance Dance, Two Timing Man, Go Gentle, Ex's and Oh's, Ain't Misbehavin', Smooth Soldier, Movin' and a Groovin', Guardian Angel, Judge Not, Hey Go, Tango With Me Darling, Blackpool By The Sea, Dance of Love, Sun Don't Let Me Down, Break Me Up

su 17.12

14-15.30 Iiris
15.30-17.30 Outi

Sugar& Pai, Cheek To Cheek, Zatchu, Rockin' Little Christmas




Joulutauko 18.12.2017 - 6.1.2018